“A valuable tool for helping us all get better at feeling our feelings.”
— Ruby Warrington

“Sydney Campos expertly describes and embodies the experience of living life as a fully empowered empath. When it comes to this topic, there couldn’t be a better person to learn from than Sydney. Her personal story shines through as a deeply healing, transformative journey into the depths of darkness that guided her to the light of living from her soul and intuition. Sydney empowers you to shine the light on your shadow to live your most powerful, joyous life. Her story, which is really a guidebook in mastery, not only contains practical tools to support you in living a beautiful life but will also awaken so many souls to living their truth and expressing their unique gifts.”

— Preston Smiles

Author of Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life, cofounder of The Bridge Method, and internation


The Empath Experience is a must-read for anyone awakening to their psychic sensitivity, heightened emotional and energetic awareness, and capacity for intuitive mastery. Sydney’s personal story, as well as the comprehensive guidebook entailed throughout, serves as a powerful support with practical tools and applications for living your most empowered, joyful, loving life. Sydney is not only extremely relatable; she expertly shares profoundly activating experience and anecdotes that will surely serve to awaken your soul to your own deepest embodiment of truth.” 

—Kute Blackson

Transformational teacher and author of national bestseller You. Are. The. One.


The Empath Experience is a powerful book that will help you awaken your intuitive superpowers while living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Sydney Campos’s comprehensive guide and transformative wisdom will inspire you to uncover and transmute old conditioning and step into your power.”

— Atherton Drenth

Author of The Intuitive Dance